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      The best way to gauge a person’s ability to do a job is to observe them perform it.

      Well-designed multiple-choice tests can allow candidates to show their ability to complete certain job tasks. A simulated job environment—on a virtual machine, say, or in virtual reality—can allow test takers to show a wider variety of essential skills. Sometimes only a hands-on performance test will do.

      Authentic Testing is a full-service psychometric and test-development company. We partner with test sponsors to develop multiple-choice tests, virtual-reality tests, and hands-on performance tests, and support them in seeking third-party accreditation. Our credentialing processes yield credible, genuine results.

      We have been doing hands-on performance testing since 1989. Known as pioneers within the field, we seamlessly integrate our decades of expertise and intimate knowledge of testing standards with ongoing developments to produce reliably authentic results.

      Our accessibility coupled with our problem-solving reputation allows Authentic Testing to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, some going back decades, as their businesses and associations grow and evolve.

      Your needs become
      Authentic results.

      We will collaborate with you to develop a testing system that fits your needs.

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