Performance Testing. It's a simple idea with powerful results: test candidates using the hands-on, practical skill set that's expected of them on the job. 

In information technology, Authentic Testing offers a turnkey performance testing solution. Candidates carry out specified tasks within the live environment of the software package. At the back end, the program evaluates their performance. The solution can integrate multiple-choice questions, if desired, into the overall test.

In other fields, where a customs solution is needed, Authentic Testing draws on extensive experience to develop cost-effective, reliable performance tests.

Whatever the field, Authentic Testing has an efficient custom job-task analysis (JTA) methodology for performance tests. Subject-matter experts transition without delay from JTA to item writing and review.

Test sponsors end up with a program that stands out for fair, reliable, and valid credentialing decisions.

Our Performance Test Work

Following is a list of some of the IT-Related performance tests we have either developed or consulted since 1989. These are exams requiring hands-on performance with the real software, and not simulation tests.

  • The Judd Test Series: 10 tests of DOS, Word, Excel, and Access.
  • Citrix Systems: Architect.
  • Cloud Foundry: Cloud Foundry Developer, Operator.
  • Honeywell Corporation: Unix shell programming, editing, OS, and database.
  • Kelly Services: Pinpoint for Word, Excel, and Access.
  • Kubernetes:  Certified Kubernetes Administrator and CKA Developer.
  • Linux Foundation: Linux System Administrator and System Engineer.
  • Node.js:  Certified Node Developer
  • Open Stack Foundation: Open Stack Administrator.
  • Oracle Corporation: Oracle SQL, 4 Levels.
  • Red Hat: Red Hat Certified Administrator.

In other non-IT related testing fields, examples of tests we have consulted on or developed are:

  • Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice: Certified Lactation Counselor.
  • American College of Surgeons: Robotic Surgery.
  • Association of Energy Engineers:  Certified Energy Manager
  • Construction Management Certification Institute:  Certified Energy Manager
  • Crossfit: Crossfit Level 1 and Level 2 certificates, Certified CrossFit Trainer, Certified CrossFit Coach
  • General Electric: Certified Predix Developer
  • Interplay Energy Corporation: Home Energy Score for U.S. Department of Energy.
  • National Association of Elevator Contractors:  Certified Elevator Technician
  • National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities:  Quality Elevator Inspector
  • National Association of School Financial Aid Administrators:  13 exams.
  • NCCCO:  Crane operators.
Our Performance Testing Process

  • Testing Scope

    Determines what skills the test will certify. It describes the target certificant.

  • Job-Task Analysis

    Identifies actual tasks to be tested, via workshops with subject matter experts and surveys of practitioners.

  • Alpha Test

    Of a few items verifies that item instructions are clear, establishes how long the items might take in the testing context, and evaluates whether the checks are comprehensive.

  • Beta Test

    Evaluates the comprehensive test items before final release and establishes an empirical foundation for the cut score.

  • Scoring

    Has two components: correction and weighting. Correction involves determining whether the answer is right or not. Item scores may be weighted by item complexity, by difficulty, and by percentage of the test time they can be expected to consume. These factors may lead to a complex more scoring algorithm or rubric.

  • Standard Setting

    Determines the cut score for a test—the minimum passing score.

  • Quality Assurance

    Makes sure all the components of the test are correct. It evaluates control structure, setup, instructions, responses, timing, item interactions, and scoring.

  • Rollout

    Delivers the exam in its final form to candidates. All testing phases come together.

  • Analysis

    includes a comprehensive psychometric analysis of the test items and reliability, and guides ongoing revisions and maintenance.