Our Philosophy .

Our Goal

Our goal is to create measurement instruments that allow every examinee to demonstrate their competence and achieve their full potential.  

Our Credentials

We are the preeminent performance testing development company in the US today.

Our first performance tests were developed in 1989, for DOS, Excel, Word, and Access.  It was called the Judd Test Series and was published by McGraw-Hill.  

In subsequent years we have developed performance tests (some call them lab tests because they involve use of the actual software) for Honeywell (Unix Admin, the vi editor, and Unix Shell programming ), Oracle, Kelly Services (the PinPoint system), and others.

Our Shelley implementation system and performance tests were the foundation for the Microsoft MOUSE exams (Microsft Office User Specialist Exams), which tested skills on the actual software. 

More recently we have designed, helped develop and analyzed test for Linux (System Admin and System Engineer), Open Stack, Cloud Foundry, Node.js (Developer), and Kubernetes (System Administrator).  These are again, all lab tests.  

A number of our clients are interested in migrating their multiple-choice tests to performance tests.  We can help with only development, or an integrated solution, involving back office, JTA and item development, delivery, and remote proctoring.  

Ultimate Security – AIG (Automated Item Generation)

We are the only company we are aware of that has implemented Automated Item Generation (AIG) within a commercial performance test.

AIG is a process in which variants are embedded within the instructions of an item, and the candidate has to perform the item.  Because the variants change every time the item is administered, nobody can cue the candidate as to what the item will be.  

This system greatly enhances the security of the exam, and remedies one of the problems of remote proctoring – that it can’t protect against giving someone the answers before they take the test.  

Our Business Strategy

Our strategy is simply this:  we want to provide the services you need, not the entire panoply of services we offer.  Often, this means that if you are beginning a testing program, you need many services.  

However, as your staff grows in experience they may be able to take over a number of more clerical functions, such as survey tools for a JTA, item bank refresh, and mailing reports to candidates.  As you grow, you may need fewer of our services, and because we have an annual contract you can modify your requirements in any year.  

Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a full-time psychometrician, so typically we perform that function at the core of exam maintenance.  But the rest is optional.  

We want to give you what you need, and no more.

Our Pricing Policy

Once you’ve called us, we list our prices for all service options we perform.  You can select from among them and just use the services you need, or use us for a comprehensive solution.

We ask for an annual contract, when many of our competitors lock you into a 3-year contract.  We do a one- year contract because we want you to be continually pleased and sometimes pleasantly surprised by our work.  We don’t want clients to stick with us because they have to… we want them to work with us.