Authentic Testing has experience providing certification for a wide variety of VR skills. We are the first and only psychometric consultants to develop a certification accredited by ANSI through ANAB under ISO/IEC 17024. Since 2012 we have teamed with VR developers to design, implement, and evaluate validated testing solutions.

Robotic Surgery

In 2012 Authentic Testing worked with a team coordinated by the American College of Surgeons to develop a test for robotic surgery.  The test was adopted and is still used to evaluate surgical skills of medical students.  The system is virtual in the sense that a surgeon sits at a console and operates on a remote, simulated patient.

Home Energy Audits

Authentic Testing partnered with Interplay Learning to develop a VR certification for the Department of Energy. The study included evaluating the effectiveness of VR certification vs Multiple Choice testing to qualify energy auditors.  The VR certification was found to be significantly better than the MC test.

Crane Operator Certification

The National Council for the Certification of Crane operators commissioned a study to see if VR testing could accurately predict whether a candidate would pass the crane operators test, which is a hands-on test with a real crane. The candidate would take the VR test, then take the test on a crane, either in that order or in the reverse order. It was found that the VR test could predict with 94% accuracy whether the candidate would pass the test with an actual crane.

Construction Hazards ID

OSHA requires that construction site workers be given 2 hours of training regarding identifying potential hazards. ITI had developed a VR game in which workers teleported around construction sites and identified hazards. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the training ITI worked with Authentic Testing to create randomized hazard presentations and equalize the difficulties encountered in each pass. The revised test was subsequently accredited by ANAB, the conformity assessment arm of ANSI, under ISO/IEC 17024.

Long-Haul Truck Driver Testing

Authentic Testing contributed to the development of a test of truck driving skills compatible with the Alberta truck driving standards. The evaluation was so detailed that a log of approximately 100,000 records, each with 45 fields, was necessary to record and evaluate testing sessions as short as 6 minutes. In addition to the conventional standard driving, brief episodes such as a moose on the road punctuated the driving experience. Eye-tracking allowed evaluation of the driver’s anticipation of episodic events. Weather conditions were programmable into each session, and the level of reporting was variable, depending on the purpose of the session.

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