What to Tell Angoff Panelists for Test Revisions

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I recently received this question about standard setting from a certification director: We’re revising our certification with some new items, a few revised items, and a large number of existing items with data. For the revised and existing items, should we give the Angoff judges the p-values of the items? What Data Should Judges Get? The answer is a qualified … Read More

Study Explores Use of VR in Certification Testing

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Can a test using virtual reality effectively supplement or replace a performance test? Hands-on performance testing often ties up equipment and personnel. This costs money and may also limit where and how often the test can be delivered. If VR testing could reliably predict the outcome of the performance test, it could be used as a funnel: candidates who are … Read More

How long should a test be?

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Public perception is an important factor in deciding how long a test should be. Cost and complexity are other deciding factors. To explore best practices in certification, we looked at specifications for every test accredited by ANSI under ISO/IEC 17024.