Authentic Testing.

We began with a simple notion: the proof is in the pudding. 

You can ask a multiple-choice question about the ingredients. You can even have a would-be chef drag and drop sugar, cornstarch, and milk icons into a rendition of a bowl. But if you want to assess the chef’s skills for real, ask for a taste of the finished product.

Our founder, Dr. Wallace Judd, decided it was time for testing to evolve from antiquated, artificial processes to the real thing, performance tests that produce reliable, authentic results. Authentic Testing was born.

While others may prefer to remain in their comfort zone, churning out more multiple-choice tests, we are at home with performance tests. We routinely create examinations that ask candidates to demonstrate the skills they bring to the table. Performance tests have become invaluable resources to our clients as they seek reliable, valid evaluations of skills.

Our credentialing processes yield credible, genuine results. We remain engaged with our clients as their programs grow and thrive. Our accuracy, accessibility, and reputation as problem-solvers has allowed us to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, some going back decades, as their businesses and associations develop. 

We're named Authentic Testing because we are the leaders in authentic assessment. AU is quite rightly our symbol because a demonstrated ability to do the job really is the gold standard of professional testing.