Generate Test Specifications .

It's fair to say that test questions used for professional licensing and certification purposes must be as aligned with the profession being tested as it is with what is actually practiced. This is why we begin the process by Generating Test Specifications. Our multistep process leads to our establishing a test blueprint and additional specifications such as a “job-task analysis” and an online survey of practitioners.

  • Job-Task Analysis

    Modified DACUM method for performing the job-task analysis in a way that engages your subject-matter experts and efficiently generates a structured inventory of duties, tasks, steps, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform those duties.

  • Validation Survey

    Design and implement a survey to validate the duties and tasks inventoried in the job-task analysis.

  • Domain Weights

    The job-task analysis panel typically reviews the validation survey results and uses the data, along with the panelists’ own judgment, to create a test blueprint and recommend the relative weight of each content domain.

  • Credential Requirements

    Prerequisites applicants must meet before being approved for the credential, the length of the test, continuing education requirements, and the like.